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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Treatment in Dracut

Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, has been cited as the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.  Our Dracut practice offers care to reverse the early stages of this condition, gingivitis, as well as treatment that will ease the symptoms and prevent further damage caused by advanced periodontitis. At Amerident Dental, Dr. Terry Schrubb and his team have the skills and tools needed to effectively treat gum disease for patients in Dracut, Lowell, Kingsborough, and the surrounding communities.

Preparation and Planning

In order to accurately diagnose and develop an appropriate treatment plan for periodontal disease, we first perform a comprehensive exam, which includes imaging with panoramic x-rays and intraoral cameras.  Our certified hygienist also checks any existing restorations and conducts thorough periodontal charting, measuring the pocket depth of your gums, which in turn determines the extent of treatment required. 

Periodontal Disease DracutDeep Cleaning

If, after the initial exam, we discover the presence of gum disease, our hygienist will recommend that you schedule an appointment for deep cleaning at our Dracut practice. This straightforward procedure consists of two primary components: dental scaling and root planning. The object of dental scaling is to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth’s surface and beneath the gum line using ultrasonic tools. For root planing, we smooth and straighten the tooth’s roots to ensure healthy, secure attachment to the gums. 

During these procedures, you will be numbed with a local anesthetic. Out of respect for your comfort and safety, we don’t want to numb your whole face during one appointment. Instead, we target upper and lower right quadrants during one visit and upper and lower left quadrants at another visit. After making sure that your gums heal properly, Dr. Schrubb will discuss further treatment options with you as needed. Our dentist also recommends three month recall appointments to evaluate your gums and provide periodontal maintenance.

Advanced Options

For treatment beyond dental scaling and root planing, Amerident Dental enlists the help of periodontist Dr. Danika Crabtree to perform complex procedures, including gingivectomies and preparatory work in advance of dental implant placement. If you’re not satisfied with the aesthetics of your gums or the way your teeth appear in your smile, we also offer cosmetic procedures to lengthen your gums and improve their contour. 

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Dr. Schrubb and his team in Dracut want you to smile comfortably. If you are experiencing any of the telltale signs of periodontal disease, including loose teeth and a receding gum line, call Amerident Dental today for a consultation. 


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