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Root Canals in Dracut

Keeping your own natural teeth as long as possible is an important part of your overall oral health and wellness. While there are plenty of ways to replace teeth that are damaged, keeping your natural smile in-tact is highly important and serves the most benefit. Root canals are a procedure that helps patients do just that, by restoring teeth that have been compromised due to infection or other physical damage.

With root canals in Dracut, Amerident Dental helps patients prolong the health of their smiles. root canals in Dracut

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

Root canal therapy is often the recommended follow-up treatment for a tooth infection or a severe tooth crack or fracture that has exposed inner systems of teeth to harmful bacteria, which can later cause painful infections.

During a root canal, inner root systems of teeth are cleaned and bacteria is removed so that your tooth can still function as a healthy part of your smile. While extraction is sometimes needed for a tooth that is seriously compromised, attempting to save teeth with root canal therapy is the best choice, as it prevents the need for costly teeth replacement prosthetics.

Gentle Root Canal Therapy in Dracut

Successful root canal therapy depends up how thoroughly teeth systems are cleaned and how well dental crowns are sealed on top of a treated tooth. At Amerident Dental, we perform careful and comprehensive root canals to help preserve the health of your smile. Dr. Terry Schrubb has been performing root canal procedures for over 20 years and has the necessary experience to ensure that your procedure is as comfortable and effective as possible.

While some patients believe that root canals are painful, the nerves inside teeth are typically deadened as the result of infection and the root canal process is as comfortable as receiving a standard dental filling. Tooth infections are typically far more bothersome than the root canal procedure itself, making root canal therapy a beneficial treatment that actually promotes better patient comfort.

Protecting your Oral Health: Restoring Teeth after Root Canals

It’s important to seal teeth after root canal treatment, to ensure that further bacteria cannot enter inner tooth systems and that your tooth is strong enough to support normal oral function. After cleaning teeth canals and adding a material called gutta percha -- which helps to promote tooth strength -- Dr. Schrubb adds a white dental crown. This crown not only protects the underlying tooth, but it allows your smile to look beautiful, and free of obvious signs of decay, cracks, and damage.

Tooth Infection? Cracked or Chipped Tooth? Contact our Office

If you have a sore and problematic tooth, a root canal may be necessary to help restore your smile to full function, aesthetic, and comfort. Teeth that appear gray or discolored after a fracture or chip could also signal that it’s time to seek treatment as soon as possible. With root canal therapy in Dracut, Amerident Dental can help. Contact our office today to speak to a member of our team.



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