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Children’s Dentistry in Dracut, MA

At Amerident Dental, Dr. Terry Schrubb and his team believe that prevention is essential to the oral health of patients of all ages. Our dentists and hygienists are trained to treat children from three years old and older, making them comfortable during procedures ranging from general cleanings and exams to frenectomies. We offer children’s dental services in Dracut, Lowell, Kingsborough, and the surrounding communities to promote lasting, healthy smiles and habits.  

Emphasis on Prevention

Prevention is the main focus of our dentistry work with children. Instilling good oral hygiene habits at a young age sets a standard that your child can maintain throughout their life. Oral health and overall well-being go hand in hand; poor hygiene is linked with serious health conditions, so early care can go a long way toward ensuring  their long-term quality of life.

We recommend visiting our Dracut practice every six months for your child’s routine cleaning and check-up, allowing us to monitor their oral health and development. Getting accustomed to the dentist’s office during childhood is important in helping them stay motivated to maintain healthy smiles throughout their lives.

Advanced Dental Care for Your Child

There are some treatments that require more than cleaning. We work with a certified periodontist, Dr. Danika Crabtree, to perform these specialized procedures. This may include a frenectomy, which removes excess connective gum tissue for better feeding and appearance, or a pulpotomy, the pediatric equivalent of root canal therapy. We use panoramic x-rays and digital imaging before carrying out these delicate procedures.

A Positive Experience for Patients of All Ages

Our hygienists are great with kids and are able to keep them comfortable before and during treatments. Dr. Schrubb educates children and provides considerate, gentle interaction during their visits, helping to reduce dental phobia later in life. Parents are welcome to stay with their children during treatment, which helps them feel safe at our office. We also offer a reward system in the form of goodies from our toy chest, giving your children something to look forward to after their cleaning. 

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Our dental team at Amerident Dental welcomes the opportunity to serve young smiles by providing children’s dentistry in Dracut. Dr. Schrubb works with you to teach your little ones habits that helps them keep a healthy smile and lifestyle. To learn more about our approach to children’s oral health, call our office for an appointment today!


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