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Restorations in Dracut

If you’re experiencing damaged or missing teeth, Amerident Dental can outfit you with a restoration that allows you to chew normally and smile confidently. Restorations not only revitalize your appearance, they also prevent the spread of bacteria and development of oral health concerns. From traditional porcelain crowns to implant-supported options, Dr. Terry Schrubb provides dental restorations in Dracut to help patients in our city and the surrounding communities.

Assessing Your Oral Health

In order to properly diagnose the problem and determine the appropriate restoration, we first perform a thorough cleaning and exam. Dr. Schrubb uses digital x-rays to check the quality and health of your jawbone and addresses issues like cavities before proceeding with his recommendations. If you have existing restorations, our dentist will assess their condition as well. 

What to Expect from Dental Restorations

Our patients are involved in the creation of their restorations to ensure they are satisfied with the appearance and aesthetic of their new smile. This includes the color-matching process, which ensures that the shade of your restorations blends in naturally with the rest of your smile. We share models and the results of diagnostic exams to provide a clearer idea of what their new smile will look like after the procedure.

What We Offer

At our Dracut practice, we offer a variety of restorative options, including:

  • Composite fillings
  • Crowns 
  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures 
  • Inlays & onlays
  • Implant-supported restorations

Our priority is saving the original tooth whenever possible. Dr. Schrubb accomplishes this through composite fillings, inlays, and/ or onlays, all of which repair damage caused by cavities or decay and resemble naturally healthy teeth. We provide porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns to protect dental structure after root canal therapy or replace an abscessed or absent tooth. 

In some cases, several teeth or entire rows may need to be replaced. Bridges, whether supported by traditional crowns or dental implants, fill large gaps. Our dentist can provide dentures to replace up to a full arch.  

The Art of Restoration

Amerident Dental has a long relationship with a trusted lab that produces great looking crowns and other restorations made to your specifications. Whether you’re looking for the strength of gold or a more natural-looking material, we provide solutions to help you regain both your smile’s appearance and function. 

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Good oral health and your overall well-being go hand in hand. Let the team at Amerident Dental help you gain a smile that is as healthy and functional as possible.  To learn more about the dental restorations we offer for patients in Dracut, Lowell, and Kingsborough, call to schedule an appointment today!



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